River Bride (Crookstown) Flood Relief Scheme   
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Crookstown FRS Ground Investigation Contract (October 2015)
A Ground Investigation Contract to assess and determine the ground conditions in and around Crookstown has been scoped and was advertised for public tender on the 26/08/2015 with a closing date for receipt of tenders of 16/09/2015. CCC are currently in the process of awarded the tender to the most economical advantages tenderer.

Crookstown FRS CCTV Survey (October 2015)
A CCTV survey will be undertaken in Crookstown over the coming weeks to assess the extent and condition of existing drains in the village of Crookstown. The survey will involve undertaking a camera survey of the drainage pipes with access being gained through existing manholes. Traffic management measures to ensure the safety of the CCTV survey crew, pedestrian and road users will be in place, but it is expected that all road will remain open during the survey.

Crookstown FRS Constraints Study (September 2015)
A Constraints Study for the Crookstown FRS has commenced and will take into account the views and comments of the public received at the first public consolation day. The study is expected to be completed in early 2016.

Crookstown FRS Property Threshold Survey & Topographical Survey (July/August 2015)
Crookstown FRS Property Threshold Survey & Topographical Survey (July/August 2015) Property threshold surveys and river cross section and topographical surveys have been undertaken in Crookstown in August 2015. This involved recording the ground level at the entrance to properties and at other specified locations using GPS surveying equipment. These surveys are required in order to advance the assessment of the scheme options.

Crookstown FRS Public Information Day No. 1 (June 2015)
Crookstown FRS Public Information Day No. 1 (June 2015) The first Public Information Day for the Crookstown FRS was held on the 11th June 2015 at Crookstown Hall in the village from 2-8pm. Members of the public were invited to make their views and comments known to the project's design team. A questionnaire was distributed and feedback on the day combined with subsequent email submissions has proven very useful and insightful. A brochure for the event, a questionnaire and a set of information posters are available in the downloads area. It is anticipated that another Public Consolation Day will take place when scheme options begin to emerge. The project design team welcome observations and comments at any stage and members of the public may do so. at any time. by emailing us at crookstownfrs@byrnelooby.com.

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